Monday, May 18, 2009


Global melt down
hits the sensex
across the world
shock waves,
globalization binds
all nations,
honours us
as world citizens.

The night mare of the
crumbling figures
in the wall street
swept like Tsunami
in matter of hours,
it`s not funny
loss of fifty million jobs.

All over the world
the heat is still on
gasping breathe
economy after economy
from stress to trauma,
level of actions
first witnessed
Los Angels
also reported
tragic casualities
next California.

We are responsible
for this loss,
our selfishness
greed for luxury lives
choice to live far beyond
our actual means...
resulted the worst experience,
materialistically driven
mindless over trading
affluents reckless gambling
coupled with
irresponsible governance.

And the list goes on
crisis is still world over
every body is now
a stake holder
speculators want to be hedgers
and what about
cushy jobs,corporate Rodeos
ensconced tough eggs,
are they now, out of their shells,
paying the cost
to the time.

Sprang out scams
gulped Satyam,
enterprenures and investors
are now cooling
their heels
upon whom they bank on.
Job seekers are struck dumb
job loosers are
hoping against hope.

It`s a tough time
before us
there to come more
and more beating
we can do nothing,
but there is one thing
Every black cloud
has a silver lining.

Let`s learn
from our mistakes
now we need
stronger voices
concrete and witty actions
to push the wind
into right